Letters to My Son

This is an experimental series entitled, "Letters to My Son."  These are meditations from a father to his son that explore his journey with grief, thoughts on healing, living a life of significance and life's search for meaning.

Letters to My Son: Forever Searching 

A letter to my son exploring an aspect to grief and healing.  

This video contains a collection of videos I shot with my drone while returning to Mitchell's favorite places to visit. Everything you see in this video are actual locations that were near to Mitchell's heart and I thought I'd share them with you along with some meditations of my heart.


Letters to My Son: About Your Mother 

The second installment of this series focuses on a mother's journey to heal.

Letters to My Son: How Gratitude Heals 

The third installment of this video series explores the healing and restorative power of gratitude.


Letters to My Son: The Invisible String 


Letters to My Son: The Night You Left Us


Letters to My Son: Mountains Yet to Climb 


TenderMercies_VideoCover_Climbing Mountains2.jpg