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In July of 2005, Mitchell Dee Jones was diagnosed with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, a catastrophic muscle wasting disease which results in progressive muscle deterioration and is fatal by late teens/early twenties. 

By the age of 10 we discovered Mitchell's heart function had deteriorated much sooner than expected. In less than a year he passed away from acute heart failure. 

Originally we established a Facebook Page to chronicle our son's journey, believing he had many years ahead of him. 

Now that he's passed we are posting photos and videos of Mitch along with personal reflections on life, love and loss. 

Our experience with Mitchell and his Journey has been an incredibly painful one ... but we wouldn't have traded our time with him for anything. 

Our son, whose broken heart ended up taking his life, has given us new life as we've learned to reflect on the deeper meaning of family, god and love. 


Mitchell Dee Jones

April 29, 2002 - March 2, 2013

Noteworthy Videos

KSL Documentary on Mitchell's Journey


PPMD Keynote







Among the recurring themes of Mitchell’s Journey are discussions of faith, making sense of sorrow, and reflections on love and loss. I suppose one could add to those themes the singularity of grief, that after all is said and done, the journey of grief is traveled by one. Although nobody can do that work for us – just because we must carry our grief alone, we need not walk alone, nor does the wilderness need to be completely dark. I have seen many of you respond to others who post on Mitchell’s Journey and are hurting – and each of you who do so become a candle in the wilderness. I think that’s beautiful.
~ Christopher M. Jones

Here is an article by Pat Furlong, co-founder and CEO of The Parent Project MD about Mitchell's Journey.