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 What Art Can Teach Us

Mitchell's Journey is developing a series of art that depicts various aspects of Mitchell's life and struggle.  Through the use of story and powerful metaphors, this art can help others who face challenges find new meaning and courage to face another day.  This art is aimed at providing spiritual perspectives on hardship and human suffering, central theme of Mitchell's Journey.


 Angels Among Us

In an upcoming essay, we'll share some faith-inspiring experiences that point to angels among us.  No matter how alone we may feel, at times, we're not alone.  Not ever.


 The Path Before Our Feet

In this piece of art, we depict the role of faith and spiritual sight as often illuminating only the path before our feet.  This art will have little breadcrumbs that point to other spiritual principles embedded throughout.


 While You Slept

A father's prayer to his Father - in hope of tender mercies.


 It’s Okay, Mommy

A tender piece that illustrates a tender exchange of a mother and her son just after he passed away.

TPL_It's Okay Mommy.jpg

Only A Mirage

This art stems from an essay written at the time of his original diagnosis in July of 2005.  In that original letter to family, Chris wrote:  "As we prepare for Mitchell’s gradual physical descent, we sit on the edge (as it were) of a dark and lonely abyss . . . frightened and trembling . . . not so much for ourselves but for Mitchell. There is a long journey ahead for my family, especially for Mitch.  He will go places where we will not be able to follow; but we will be beside him and behind him: holding him, loving him, kissing him, and cheering him on.  At some horrifying point, he will comprehend that this progressive disease will take his life … and at that moment, he may be like I am today, trembling at the knees and breathless – bewildered by what is before him – scrambling to find a way out and a hope for a cure. I hope and pray I can be strong for him – but today I am a jellyfish."


Then, in the Fall of 2012, when it was discovered Mitchell's heart was failing, another letter referenced this same abyss: "Today Natalie and I sit with Mitch on the edge of an invisible cliff.  He can't see it, but my wife and I can - and the mouth of the abyss is yawned and inching to devour our son.  Yet, Mitchell looks out into the vast horizon unaware, and envisions a long, bright future ahead of him.  In his little mind, he is already making big plans.  He wants to build a home next to ours with a tunnel connecting our basements so he and his dad can watch movies and make popcorn.  He wants to work for his dad when he's older.  He talks about his own kids one day and how he’ll raise them like we raised him.  As he points to his vision of the future with youthful enthusiasm and a zest for life, he doesn't realize that he sits on the outermost edge and the ground from under him has crumbled away into the darkness – and his little body is hanging on by a pebble.  What Mitchell doesn't understand is the beautiful horizon he sees is only a mirage and in reality the sun is setting on his own life."

Therefore, this art depicts Mitchell's life crumbling from beneath him.  In the horizon Mitch envisioned a home and his future family, getting married and a bright future ... not realizing all that he dreamed was soon going to be swallowed up by the abyss.


Holiday Messages

A series of paintings that explore the deeper meaning of Christmas and the gifts that matter most.

Greatest Gifts Cant Be Purchased.png


Santa at Gravestone_3.png