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Helping a DMD Family with Transportation & Accessibility Needs

In May 2017 we gave the Buehner family a check for $7,000 to help with their wheelchair accessible van and another $3,000 to help with a wheelchair ramp at their home.  This is a most remarkable family who has always stepped up to help any DMD family in need, now it is their turn to get some help and we were so grateful to help in some small way.

Serving A Local Family: Wheelchair Ramp

In January 2017 we installed a new wheelchair ramp for Tyler Padilla, a young man who has DMD.  Their existing ramp had fallen into disrepair and in December he had an incident where he was injured as a result.  We were grateful to partner with AGC of Utah and Jacobsen Construction to meet the needs of this deserving family.

MMA Fighter & Mitchell's Journey

Marco Simmons, an undefeated MMA fighter, fought in memory of Mitch and in hope of many other children who have DMD.  He is a remarkable friend of our foundation and an inspiration to countless families.

Star Wars Movie Night

In December of 2015, Mitchell's Journey hosted a family Star Wars night.  Prior to the showing, we shared a video that summarized our accomplishments in 2015 and honored the boys in attendance and some local boys who passed away, recently.

MDA of UTAH 2017 Summer Camp Activities

In the summer of 2017, Mitchell's Journey sponsored all of the MDA of Utah summer camp activities for participants with muscular dystrophy.

PPMD Board Meeting

In February 2017, I attended PPMD's board meeting.  A great group of thinkers and problem-solvers with a singular focus to serve the DMD community and save lives.

2016 Year In Review / Movie Night

In keeping with our yearly tradition, we shared this 2016 year in review, highlighting some of Mitchell's Journey's activities just before we watched the newest Star Wars release.

MDA of UTAH 2016 Summer Camp Activities

In the summer of 2016, Mitchell's Journey sponsored all of the MDA of Utah summer camp activities for participants with muscular dystrophy.

2015 Gift Drive to Primary Children's Hospital

A big load of gifts to Primary Children's Hospital - the hospital Mitch was admitted to when he had end-stage heart failure.

Ramp Installed

In November of 2015, Mitchell's Journey and AGC of Utah installed a ramp for a deserving family.

Primary children's medical center keynote

We were asked to share Mitchell's Journey to Primary Children's Medical Center.  Here we shared our perspective on the special and important role nurses play in the lives of patients and their caregivers.

MDA Summer Camp 2015

In 2016 Mitchell's Journey Foundation donated $2,000 to MDA of Utah's summer camp, allowing children with DMD to enjoy fishing and swimming activities.

AGC of Utah Supporting Mitchell's Journey

Nothing is as inspiring as working with other organizations who want to give back to the community and help others.  Rich Thorn, CEO of AGC of Utah stepped up to the plate in a big way to help Mitchell's Journey help others.

Black Hawk Pilot Honoring Mitch

We were so inspired to get a message from a military officer/Black Hawk pilot who is serving overseas take Mitch with him on his missions.  This good man inspired us to keep sharing - because people are listening.

Meeting a DMD Family from Arizona

We were blessed to meet a sweet family from Arizona who has a child (Jet) with DMD.  There was an instant bond between us and our hearts went out to this family - for we knew their struggle ahead.  Mitchell's Journey is as much about lifting hearts as it is about offering helping hands.  This day, both of our hearts were lifted.

The Medical community is listening

The University of Utah School of Medicine asked Mitchell's Journey to share our experience through the medical system.  This has become a yearly event; each spring we visit the graduating class and share what happens on the other side of medicine.  Students often submit letters to their professors, even after they've begun their residency, how much the story of Mitch has shaped their views on the practice of medicine.

Mitchell's Journey on the House Floor

Congressman Mattheson addressing fellow politicians about Mitchell's Journey.  It was beyond humbling to hear his reflections on little Mitch and his struggle.

Random acts of service

Cathy O'Grady (back right) lives in Boston and has been an avid follower and supporter of Mitchell's Journey.  On a recent trip to Salt Lake City, we met up with Cathy and one of her friends to plant random gifts at a park.  These gifts each invited the children to take the toy and play with a friend.  It was fascinating to watch parents, previously distracted by mobile devices, put their phones down and play with their children.

Mitchell Harline

We helped Mitchell Harline with a ramp and mobility tools to get him in and out of the bath.  This young boy and his family are remarkably brave and good.

$20,000 Donation to PPMD

In the spring of 2016, Mitchell's Journey donated $20,000 to Parent Project Muscular Dystrophy (PPMD) to support families with recent diagnoses.  


We were honored to be a sponsor for Newly Diagnosed families at the PPMD 2016 CONNECT CONFERENCE.

PPMD 2016 Conference

We were blessed with the opportunity to attend the PPMD 2016 conference and meet many families who have followed our blog and gain strength through its perspective.

2015 Christmas Drive

Our 2015 Christmas Gift Drive was a big success.  These three young brothers (in front) all have DMD.  Laura-Ashley, Mitchell's sister, is a MDA Counselor to Tirinton, the young boy on her lap.

2015 Gift Drive to Shriner's Hospital

We were so excited to blankets, books and toys to Shriner's Hospital, the same institution that helped Mitch.

2015 Gift of Giving

One of our favorite times of year is the holidays - where we can spread love and care to so many who struggle.  We were humbled by the outpouring of gifts shipped  from all across the world - which we then distributed to local families and hospitals that cared for Mitch. 

2015 | Riverton High School

We were humbled beyond words to be selected by Riverton High School to help our foundation raise funds so we could extend our reach and help more families.  These young adults, soon to graduate high school themselves, performed an act of service and a labor of love that defies words.  We were so inspired by them!

MDA Summer Camp 2015  | Swimming Activity

We loved stopping by the MDA Summer Camp of Utah to see the children enjoy the swimming activity we sponsored.

MDA Summer Camp 2015  | Fishing Activity

We were so grateful to sponsor the fishing activity for the 2015 MDA of Utah summer camp.  Mitch loved swimming, so it was a double-win to help others in memory of a boy who loved to do those same things.

Keynote to TCF

Chris giving the featured keynote address for the Saturday evening program at the TCF International Conference.

University of Utah School of Medicine [2015]

Graduating medical students were so moved by this year's presentation, they couldn't help but offer condolences.  Even the Dean of Medicine approached us after the presentation and said, "I don't know what just happened, but I have never in my life seen students so moved."  It was a powerful event filled with empathy and deep perspective.

Open to Hope Radio Interview

It was an honor to be interviewed by Dr. Gloria Horsely on her nationally syndicated radio show, Open to Hope.  That interview can be heard on their website or in the audio page of the Mitchell's Journey website.

Repaired Air Conditioning

We repaired the air conditioning for a family van used to transport Caden Gibbs, a young teenage boy with DMD.  This refurbished air conditioner helped him have a new lease on life.



Carter Velvedere

Helping a remarkable young man who has muscular dystrophy with his education.

2016 Gifts

In the summer of 2016, some of the Mitchell's Journey volunteers went to a local park and planted gifts for children to play with. Again, it was a tender scene to see family memories made.

Concept Art for Mitchell's Journey Children's Books

In the Spring of 2016, we began development of our first children's book.  We worked hard to replicate Mitchell's likeness exactly.  It was important to us to have the art be as authentic as the stories themselves.  We were blessed to bring Nick Bowen, a talented artist who has become deeply integrated with the mission of Mitchell's Journey.

2016 MDA Muscle Walk

This was a great opportunity to connect with other DMD families.  Natalie and her sister, Sonya, wore Miles for Mitchell t-shirts in memory of our son.

2015 Gift Delivery to a Special Family

One cold night we delivered a box of gifts to a family with a sweet boy (Bryant) who has DMD.  Though it was cold that night, our hearts were warmed by the goodness of this family.

2015 Construction Project

Natalie handing out #milesformitchell shirts to construction workers who are working on a very special project for a very special DMD family. This is #mitchellsjourney in action. 

We may not be able to save lives, but we can make lives special for those who carry heavy burdens. 

I'll post more about this project on

Mitchell's Journey  |  Regional Emmy

Mitchell's Journey documentary produced by KSL & Candice Madson received a regional Emmy.

Dinner With Dr. Gloria Horsely of Open to Hope

It was an honor to break bread with Dr. Horsely, host of Open to Hope Radio show.  She interviewed Chris earlier that spring and aired that interview just before the TCF conference.

Utah Nurses Association

We were blessed with an opportunity to speak to the Utah Nurses Association about our experience through the medical system and our perspectives on what things Nurses did to comfort the heart and soul.

Helping an advocate

In an effort to help boost the visibility of a DMD fundraiser, Mitchell's Journey Foundation designed a poster with the names of known boys with DMD and in memory of many who have passed away.


Trevor Nielsen

In 2013, one of our first projects was to work with Trevor Neilsen.  We purchased an XBox 360 and a handful of video games.  Because these young boys lose the ability to lift a spoon to their mouths, their options for play are severely limited.  We knew his struggle to find ways to find entertainment so we stepped in and helped him get something he wanted.  It was a wonderful, tender experience.  

First Keynote 

Just a few months after Mitch passed away, Parent Project Muscular Dystrophy asked Chris to give a keynote address on Mitchell's Journey to the annual PPMD International Conference.  This was our first effort to serve, outside our blog, and marked the beginning of what has become a lifelong mission.