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Mitchell's Journey has supported our family in ways only they could understand and conceive. They have a unique relationship with those they assist because they have experienced the same battles and the same types of hardships. Although research is necessary it will not address the needs of our son now, or restore his ability to walk, ever. We see millions of dollars raised for this cause but had never experience any relief from it in the day to day demands this disability requires. Mitchell's Journey has served the needs of our son through financial assistance that simply doesn't exist elsewhere. They have helped provide the care taking tools and equipment that nobody else can offer, or seems willing to.

Because of Mitchell's Journey, some of our prayers were answered. A great deal of our burden was lifted. Our son has directly benefited and felt joy because of the kindness and support from Mitchell's Journey. We're extremely grateful to those who have helped make it possible. We're sincerely grateful for their friendship and the life of their sweet son. Because of Mitchel's journey, families like ours are feeling loved and supported not only by the Jones family, but also by the community that has rallied around them.

Stacy Harline | October 29, 2016


As a spiritual warrior and seeker, I have usually been able to find the light, but my son, Desmond’s medical difficulties have tested this. It was the first time in our medical journey that I felt lost and hopeless and when I Mitchell’s Journey I found my God’s strength and my purpose was re-ignited.

God has given Christopher the ability to speak to others through his words. To take his personal nightmare and use it to change the lives of so many around the world.

Not one day goes by that Mitchell and family are not in my thoughts and are being used to buoy my spirits. I have sat in the ER holding my baby, searching for the latest post to give me strength and gratitude. I have told those around me that Christopher and Natalie would give anything for the opportunity to sit in another ER with their son on their chest. Because of their willingness to share their heart and life with us, I am able to continue.

Because they made the decision to reach out and share, my journey is one with purpose and direction and I know that no matter what comes down the road I will continue to walk because they are.

Carly Israel | November 5, 2016


Crystal Rose | July 2015


Background on Carter

"Carter is my little boy! He is 15 years old and was diagnosed 14 years ago with Spinal Muscular Atrophy Type 2 (SMA). He is a sweet little boy who looks like, thinks, talks, and acts just like other kids his age! But Carter is different from other kids in that he can't do a lot of what other children can do! He has never walked, run, kicked or thrown a ball, rode on a bike, all of the things that other boys his age do everyday and effortlessly. Things that are easy to us such as writing, bathing, eating, lifting, etc, are very difficult for him if not altogether impossible for him. My happy little boy is getting weaker everyday in a body that is wracked in pain constantly. He is sadder everyday as he watches the world and his friends go by and he is getting left behind."

~ Mark Veldevere

I remember when I first started reading about Mitchell Jones and his wonderful family! I learned about a little boy who was like my little boy! I learned that there was another father who was going through what I was going through..feeling the same feelings that I had been feeling! I was not alone! My son Carter has a friend who also had Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy and it was through him that we were able to finally meet Christopher Jones and his lovely wife! They are incredible and we love them! Our first involvement with Mitchell's Journey was when they invited Carter and our family to see the last Star Wars movie. Mitchell's Journey rented out a large theater and invited all those with diseases like Muscular Dystrophy and their families to come and watch Star Wars for free. And that wasn't it...they gave each of the kids a shirt and gifts that were personal to each child. I'll never forget that night! It was very moving to me! The next time we saw them was at a fundraising event for Mitchell's Journey. It was wonderful. At that event they also gave gifts to each child. Not just random gifts but gifts that were personal to each and every child! It's always about the child! One day Christopher and his wife asked to come and see us at our home. We were excited but nervous as well! We had grown to love them as friends. When they arrived we talked for a while and then they said they wanted to do something for us..for Carter! They just wanted to help in any way! They asked us what our needs were. We mentioned that we have a hard time lifting him for bathing, etc.

Mitchell's Journey was able to help us get a chair that we can now use to get him around the house whereas in the past we had to carry him from room to room. It's hard lifting 110 lbs from room to room! We could now roll him with out causing strain on our backs! Carter mentioned to them that he has a hard time getting in touch with us, his parents, while he is at school especially when there are emergencies or when he had to stay late. He often had to stay late because we did not have a computer as our had died! Because he stayed late he would have to cross a very busy street when there was no crossing guard to help him! We were always worried for his safety! When they heard this they offered to buy him an iPhone and a Computer so that he could do his work at home. I'll never forget the day we met them at the Apple store and they handed Carter a brand new phone and computer! Not just any computer but a top of the line Mac! I have never seen Carter happier. He was touched...I was touched!

With Mitchell's Journey it's always about the child! How they can make a child's life and the child's family life better! They have never asked for anything in return...ever! Mitchell's Journey is very special to our family! We love them because they first loved us! They have helped us in so many ways! They have helped Carter in so many ways! We would do anything in the world for them! And it's not just our family they have helped but many others as well! We are so thankful for all they have for us! Mitchell's Journey has a very sacred and special spot in our hearts and in our home and it always will! They have made our lives easier and better in ways they may never know! One day I look forward to meeting this special boy who has inspired thousands and thousands and thanking him for his wonderful life. I look forward to the day when I can see him and my son Carter walk and play without the physical restraints of a diseased body! I love Mitchell's Journey! I love Christopher and his wonderful wife and family! Thank you, thank you, thank you for everything you have done for me and my little family! Words cannot express what we feel for you. Got bless Mitchell's Journey!

Mark Veldevere | November 11, 2016


Mitchell's Journey, quite simply, is the most incredible collection of words associated with the life and journey of a father as he documents the loss of his child as a result of a terminal illness.  From the first word of each entry to the last, the vivid depth of each entry simply touches every fiber of your being.  As a father who has lost a child myself, I am at once transformed so closely into the life of Mitchell and those fortunate enough to have known him.  Truly striking.

Jonathan Agin | November 1, 2016