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Mitchell's Journey Children's Books

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Upcoming Book Topics

  • Courage

  • Kindness

  • Forgiveness

  • Gratitude

  • Service

  • Sacrifice

  • Faith

  • Friendship

Teaching Children

Mitchell loved children's books as they became a great source for learning about life and himself.  Because of his love for books and good stories, we are developing a series of Children's books aimed at teaching children life principles through true stories from Mitchell's life.

Each book is based on actual events in Mitchell's life.

Our first book, "The Thing About Giving" discusses the benefits of giving.

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What to Expect With Mitchell's Journey Children's Books

Rich, true-to-life illustrations.

Real Photos

After each story, photos from the actual events described in that book will help children see these stories are about a real boy who demonstrated real courage.

A Challenge for Children

At the end of each book, children are challenged to apply the key principle of the book. 


Essays for Adults

Each book will also contain at least one essay designed for adults.