PTC Theraputics Gives Mitchell's Journey Grant for DMD Hope Kits

We are thrilled to have been award PTC Theraputics STRIVE Award for 2019. They have given Mitchell’s Journey a $30K grant to support our Hope Kit Program for the Duchenne community. While our hope kits are meant for everyone, this grant is earmarked specifically for the DMD community.

Here’s a write-up from their website:

A diagnosis of Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD or Duchenne) can have a devastating effect on families. Patients and caregivers both experience the emotional roller-coaster that comes with the inevitability of disease progression and facing the unknown. As a result, this can lead to feelings of anxiety, hopelessness and isolation. Mitchell’s Journey realized that there was a lack of tools to help guide family members in coping with grief and managing the emotional and social consequences of receiving a Duchenne diagnosis. Mitchell’s Journey is internationally recognized as a beacon of hope for those affected by Duchenne. Their mission is to inspire and empower families so that they are able to cope with the emotional and social challenges associated with Duchenne.

With this in mind, the organization began designing Hope Kits. A Hope Kit is a package that families with Duchenne, or friends of those families can request via the organization’s website. The kit consists of a number of useful tools such as uplifting stories and tips on managing emotions and relationships in times of crises.

Funding from the STRIVE Award will allow the organization to produce a number of hope-promoting resources for the families affected. These will include a 90-page guided journal on the journey of self-discovery and seeing the world with new eyes; a book on hope; a 12-part podcast series consisting of interviews with wellness experts and discussions with families who have demonstrated courage in the face of struggle; and narrated stories from the Mitchell’s Journey story library. Mitchell’s Journey hope to deliver at least 500 Hope Kits to Duchenne families.

To learn more about their STRIVE program, visit: