here are some of these ideas to make memories with you and your loved ones.


Backyard barbecues are forever fun.  One way to make it extra special is to involve everyone with food preparation.  Encourage them to try new recipes and surprise everyone.

Movie Outside

Borrow a neighbors projector if you have to.  Watching movies outdoors with your kids or your significant other is a load of fun.  You're never too old to make a blanket fort and cuddle.

Star Gaze

Find a place away from city lights to limit light pollution and star gaze.  There are a few great apps that can help you identify constellations.  I highly recommend you take a look at the award-winning Sky Guide App.

Before you do this, be sure to listen to our favorite TED Radio Hour episodes:


Find a local picnic area that allows for open-pit fires and make S'mores as a family late into the evening.

Try mixing your recipes up by adding flavored marshmallows.


Go Camping!

You don’t need to be an outdoorsy person to enjoy camping.  It is a lot of fun.  Though you can get more durable gear at specialty stores like Cabelas, Sheels and REI, you can also get inexpensive camping gear at Walmart and other big box outlets.

Here’s a fantastic article with sound guidance on your most important camping accessory: a tent.  A great and informative read.

Here are some photos of our recent outdoor family adventures.  


Homemade Slush

Try freezing your favorite juice concentrate in a Tupperware bowl.  After frozen, shave the frozen juice with a spoon and place in a glass.  Add Sprite (or 7UP) and you've got an awesome drink to cool you down.  

This was one of Mitchell's favorites:

Homemade Popsicle

Have you ever made a homemade Popsicle?  They can be a fun and delicious way to cool off.

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When I was a child my family and I loved to play flashlight tag at night. The person who is “it” would shine a light to “tag” another person to be “it” hours of fun and it’s free.
— Sheila Harmon (Mitchell's Journey Reader)
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