August Theme: Making Moments Count

This month our essays will focus on the theme of making moments count.  These essays will explore unexpected moments with Mitch that taught us how to better appreciate the moment while in the moment.  We'll also explore some lessons in coping with loss.

New Essays:

  • When Endless Summers End

  • Significance

  • Discovery

  • Are You Watching

  • On Suffering

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End of Summer Ideas


Full Solar Eclipse

Everyday Photos Tutorial

See Content below.

On August 21, 2017, you will have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to experience a full solar eclipse.

If you're looking for an chance to create memories with your family, this is a rare chance.


Little Mitch loved space and was inspired by the infinite wonders found therein.

When Mitch was with us, we would often camp high in the mountains, far away from city lights.  Through the screen of our tent, Mitch would gaze deep into the stary sky and ask questions about the immensity of space.  I'd share fascinating facts with Mitch ....................


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Finding the Best Place to Experience the Total Solar Eclipse

How to Photograph a Solar Eclipse

When the moon passes directly between Earth and the sun, those on Earth are treated to one of nature’s greatest spectacles—a total solar eclipse. It is a phenomenon that almost every observer would like to capture in a photograph.

Due to the rarity of the event, the short duration in which to capture it, and the dynamic nature of the subject, it is one of those photographic opportunities that requires the proper gear, setup, planning, and practice.

SE-Exposure1w (1).GIF

Getting The Right Gear


Solar Glasses

The cheapest option are flat cards, slightly larger than a credit card, that have the solar film embedded in them. However, they require at least 1 hand to hold them over your eyes. I have 3 of them. I plan to bring plastitack and to stick one of them over my iPhone lens, if needed.

You can also get glasses:

  1. WHAT I ORDERED: Solar Goggles -- strap adjustable for kids to adults, with glass lenses (and includes exchangeable clear lenses): $19.95

Solar Filters

Looks like you can get camera filters, which tend to come threaded, or telescope filters, which tend to have 3 screws you use to mount over a range of lens sizes. Be sure whatever you get is compatible with the lens(es) you want to use. I have a 55-300mm Nikkor lens that is 58mm wide. I've ordered this 58mm camera filter for it:  It's glass and gets good reviews. A bunch of vendors sell it, but I paid an extra $5 for a vendor that uses Prime shipping. The others were shipping from Japan.

Here's a popular filter for telescopes, though it should also fit on camera lenses. Note that it says it's '80mm' but that's the total width. It is designed to fit on lenses from 50mm to 72mm. It uses "AstroSolar" film which is supposed to give excellent optical resolution.



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