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Proceeds will go to the Mitchell’s Journey Foundation, a non-profit foundation that is dedicated to hope, healing and the pursuit of happiness.  I am also making this course available to DMD families for free, scroll to the bottom to see how you can get it for free.

Discover the power of everyday moments and how to capture them.  I'll walk you through how to identify ordinary moments we're often tempted to ignore and capture them in ways that will fill your albums with treasured memories.


In this course I'll share a variety of concepts, principles and techniques that will help you easily capture the kind of moments you'll want to live over and over.  In addition to learning concepts, you'll gain deeper insights into the life of Mitch.



Here is a short video tutorial on how this course works.


PLEASE NOTE: Access to this marketplace is currently limited to the web version of the software.  You can consume content on mobile, but you must first get the course from a desktop computer, then the steps will show up you your mobile device..


Course Highlights


Topics Include:

  • Learning To Tell A Story
  • How to Capture Life In Motion
  • Ways to Limit Interruptions and Capture Natural Moments
  • Seeing the Simple Things
  • Embracing Imperfections
  • Ways to Observe
  • Shooting What Things Feel Like
  • Using Instagram
  • Authenticity & Being Unrehearsed

Everyday Photos & the Stories Behind Them

  • See unpublished photos of Mitch and the stories behind them.  
  • Get inspired to capture photos of your own.

Tips for Taking Better Photos

  • Learn the basics of composition
  • Understand how to capture light
  • How to capture details
  • Video tutorials & tips that will

The Everyday Photos Tutorial will deliver daily stories, tips and challenges to help you capture your own life.  


Here's How It Works

The Everyday Photos course lives inside a publishing platform, mycore, that offers free values-based productivity tools. The platform is designed to help people align their lives with their core values - and if they don't know how to do a thing, they can subscribe to experts who can teach them how to live that value or do that thing they've always wanted to do.  

When I began to think about Mitchell's Journey and how it could help others, I could have used other publishing platforms like UdemyAtly, Gumroad or Pluralsight.  The trouble with those sites is they simply deliver content and that is all.  

I always felt like Mitchell's Journey followers deserved more and that whatever topic I wanted to share was one small part of a much larger whole ... a much larger part of what makes you, you.  

Managing grief, for example, isn't just a concept or a series of isolated tasks, it is woven into every aspect of one's life. In like manner, parenting isn't something one does on the side, it is all-consuming.  Caring for a child with special-needs, the same.  I wanted to share this Everyday Photo Tutorial on a platform that might help people with other aspects of their lives.  

I will be offering other free content on this publishing platform in the future in the hope that it helps families all across the world do one thing each day that matters, and one less thing that doesn't.

In the meantime, I am experimenting with this method of sharing content.  Please join me and share your voice below. What works? What doesn't work?  

Let's work  together so we can make more moments that matter in other peoples lives.



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