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Discover the power of everyday moments and how to capture them.  I'll walk you through how to identify ordinary moments we're often tempted to ignore and capture them in ways that will fill your albums with treasured memories.


In this course I'll share a variety of concepts, principles and techniques that will help you easily capture the kind of moments you'll want to live over and over.  In addition to learning concepts, you'll gain deeper insights into the life of Mitch.


Course Highlights


Topics Include:

  • Learning To Tell A Story
  • How to Capture Life In Motion
  • Ways to Limit Interruptions and Capture Natural Moments
  • Seeing the Simple Things
  • Embracing Imperfections
  • Ways to Observe
  • Shooting What Things Feel Like
  • Using Instagram
  • Authenticity & Being Unrehearsed

Everyday Photos & the Stories Behind Them

  • See unpublished photos of Mitch and the stories behind them.  
  • Get inspired to capture photos of your own.

Tips for Taking Better Photos

  • Learn the basics of composition
  • Understand how to capture light
  • How to capture details
  • Video tutorials & tips that will

Course content displays in the form of smart tasks on your desktop or mobile device.



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