Mitch, mycore & my journey

Before Mitch passed away, I was asked to help launch a company that was focused on helping people live their core values.  Because I wanted to help people, I jumped in head-first.  

The last few years, I have channeled my pain to try to help others through the darkness with stories of struggle and faith.  The Mitchell's Journey blog wasn't about being stuck in grief or wallowing in sorrow – it has been about the examined life and our search for meaning.  At the same time I was sharing stories of Mitch, I was channeling my heart and soul to build something that will help people make the most of what time they have. Mitchell’s Journey is not only a story of pain; it is also a story of purpose. 

As I wrote in an earlier Mitchell's Journey post ...   

At the end of the day, I want you to look back on your life, a year from now or a lifetime from now, and be glad you lived the life you lived.

This is why I exist.



In my struggle I have found new meaning in life and a deep desire to help others make the most of what time they have.  To those who have asked and wondered, I’m not done with Mitchell’s Journey.  Not even close.  Though my stories have slowed down, the families our Foundation has helped has not.  When it comes to stories, I’m about to get very busy again with Mitchell’s Journey.  There are many new stories to tell and messages of hope to share.  I just had to help finish what Mitch motivated me start.


Because of my little son, my life is


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The Relationship Between Myself, Mitch & mycore

A year before Mitch passed away, he would come with me to the office.  

He would often ask, “Dad, what do you do here?”  I would respond, “Mitch, I’m trying to make something that will help people make the most of the time they have.” 

Mitch would think for a while, pondering over what I meant, and go back to coloring or playing Minecraft.  A little later, he would say, "Dad, do you mean ____

My colleague began 

Mitch thought mycore was "really cool" and was excited to see how it could help people.  He never did get to see it come to fruition.  



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You will make mistakes, change your mind later on the wisdom of a decision, and hope to find better ways of doing something, but if you outline your values and determine the links to those values, the errors won’t count.
— Rose Marie Whiteside, As For Me And My House