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Speaker Bio:

Chris Jones lives in Salt Lake City, Utah with his wife, Natalie and 3 living children. Their son, Mitchell Jones passed away from heart failure in 2013.  He had Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, a catastrophic muscle wasting disease that is fatal.  Prior to his son's passing, Chris started a Facebook page entitled Mitchell's Journey which has since gained international attention as both a place for healing and insights on the often-misunderstood world of grief and healing.  Most notably, Mitchell's Journey has become a beacon of hope to many and an invitation for its readers to live a life of significance. 


Presentation Descriptions


Funeral Directors

Chris provides a richly detailed account of events leading up their son’s passing, their experience and observations of the funeral process as well as the aftermath of grief. This keynote offers a unique and rare insight into what goes on in the lives of those who lose children, before and after such a profound loss.  

The presentation is shared through a story narrative.  At various points, we pause and share insights and observations specifically for Funeral Directors.

Events Leading Up to Death of a Child

  • An inside look at the events leading up to the death of a child
  • What parents think/don't think about - when it comes to funeral preparations
  • What family members think and feel when our children are removed from our home
  • Little things funeral homes do that make a difference

The Funeral Process

  • Observations of our funeral experience 
  • Insights on communicating with the bereaved
  • What we care about may be different than you think
  • Unique things our funeral home did that made a difference

The Aftermath

  • The aftermath of life and death
  • A funeral director's unexpected role in laying the foundation to healthy grief rituals
  • The ripple effects of our funeral experience, 4 years later

Medical Professionals

In this presentation, Chris shares an unparalleled view of a terminal child's experience through the medical system, then what happens on the other side of medicine, long after a patient is sent home to die.


What goes on in the minds and hearts

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Grief & Healing

In his

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Chris has a background in leadership development and is currently the CEO of a software company, Mycore.

Chris is also a public speaker, gaining popularity across a wide range of industries on what it means to live a life of significance, what happens on the other side of medicine, and how to close the gap between what we value and what we do.