Journal Like Never Before

What if you had a journal that helped you connect the dots?  What if this same journal helped you see your blessings like a heavenly constellation chart?  

The Tender Mercies software will help you journal key events in your life and help you see Heaven's hand in your life in ways you've never before experienced.  


Key Features

  • Create and view journal entries like a mind-map. 
  • Draw connections between events.
  • Upload photos, video and audio to that event.  
  • Classify each blessing with a color code.
  • Click on a star and see the details of each blessing.  
  • Invite others to write their perspectives on a shared event.
  • Learn more about tender mercies through instructional videos.
  • Customize atmosphere to match where you live.
  • Print & frame your own tender mercies chart / hang it your wall.
  • Keep a life-long record of the many blessings you have received in your own life.  
Create an event by clicking on the sky.

Create an event by clicking on the sky.


Begin Your Spiritual Journey

With the Tender Mercies Software, you will begin a spiritual journey of discovery, healing and faith as you begin to recognize heaven's hand in your own life and connect spiritual dots.

This software is currently being designed and is not yet available.  If you want updates on this project, let us know who you are and we'll keep you posted.  

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