A Few Ways To Make Your Thanksgiving Extra Special

We hope these ideas spark ideas for your own family - so you can build memories to last a lifetime.

Involving Kids

Everyone Will Thank You For It.  Eventually.

Sometimes when we're anxious to put on a great meal for guests or family, we can be tempted to think our children get in the way of preparing the food, serving it, and cleaning up. Sometimes we think it's easier for us to just get it done and invite them to leave the kitchen.

When we do this, we miss out on a very special opportunity to create memories with our children.

Whether you have children at home, or grandchildren, or even great-grandchildren, think of ways to include them in the preparation of the meal, decorating for the holiday, making a special dessert for everyone to enjoy.

Give your child a voice and experience and they will think you for the rest of their lives as they look back on those moments as treasured memories.

Mitch loved to participate in the preparation of food, decorations and helping in any way he could.  It gave him a sense of pride and belonging and that made feel special and important.  We believe this is true of almost any child, if properly invited, coached and involved.  Doing this takes more time and energy - but the things of greatest value in life never come easy - but the price is worth it.


Do you have a tradition you'd like to share?

Do you have a family tradition you'd like to share? We'll gather everyone's responses and post them for others to gain inspiration from you and your family.

Rediscovering The Art of Play

You know. Analog Fun. Without Electronics. :)

As fun and immersive as technology can be, take special time to set aside those digital distractions to play a board game at the kitchen table, or build Legos on the living room floor, or perhaps just go outside and throw a football or Frisbee.

Some of our sweetest memories don't come from a theme park or elaborate vacation ... instead, they come time spent at the kitchen table playing games and having fun.

Some Games Mitch Loved



Mitchell loved playing UNO with family.  He often won and had a perfect Poker face.


Blockus was one of Mitchell's favorite games as well.  He enjoyed boxing people in and winning.  Mitch always found a way to win.  A fierce competitor, he was. ;)

Rummikub was another one of Mitchell's favorites.  A family classic that is filled with fun and laughter.  If you've never played it, we highly recommend it.

Our Sweetest Memories

I wouldn't trade all the vacations in the world for this ordinary moment around a kitcnen table.


A Note on Video Games

There is nothing wrong with them! In fact, if you incorporate them into your family time, it can be a source of great memories.  

Here are some great social games that involve everyone in the room.


This is a mobile game that is incredibly fun to play with others. 

And there's always Mitchie's Favorite ...


If your kids play Minecraft, jump into their world and have them show you the places they've built, the supplies they've hunted, harvested or mined.  You will be amazed how brilliant your children are.  Think of Minecraft like digital Legos - only much more sophisticated.