August Theme: Making Moments Count

With Summer rapidly coming to a close, there are yet opportunities to make memories as a family.

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We hope you enjoy!

A variety of ideas on having enjoying the final weeks of summer.  Many of these ideas came from little Mitch.

Whether you act on these ideas or get inspired to do something different, this resource will bless your family.

A short story about Mitch and outer-space, along with tips and information on the total solar eclipse.  

This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and we hope you take a moment to experience it!

An introductory tutorial on discovering the power of everyday moments and how to capture them.

In this sample tutorial you'll learn some practical ideas to take better in-the-moment photos of life.  

August Essays

This month our essays will focus on the theme of making moments count. These essays will explore unexpected moments with Mitch that taught us how to better appreciate the moment while in the moment.  We'll also explore some lessons in coping with loss.


  • Being Seen [posted] - What happens when we pay attention to little things.
  • On Silence & Suffering [posted] - Exploring the troubles we sometimes encounter that sometimes push us to suffer in slience.
  • Eclipse 2017 [Posted] - A photo journal of our family's journey to capture the total eclipse in Madras, Oregon.
  • While the Sun is Shining [posted] - How the pursuit of good times helps during difficult times.
  • Discovering Significance in Sorrow [posted] - Just after Mitchell's body was moved to the chapel for is funeral, a discovery about finding significance.
  • You Are Enough [classic essay] - An essay about an old friend who used his spiritual gift to lift Mitch realize he was enough, and more.

New August Essays