December Theme: Making Moments Count

Ideas and inspiration to make the moments you have count with the ones you love.

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Join us with our 5th annual Blanket and Toy drive.  This year we'll be giving all donations to Shriners Hospital.

2017 Year In Review.  A short video summarizing some of our foundations accomplisments this year.

With updated content, get inspired with 8 Ways To make Lasting Christmas memories and so much more.

December Essays

December's essays will focus on a wide range of ideas that all focus on holidays a nd making memories.

  • 8 Ways to Make Lasting Christmas Memories [posted]: Some holiday traditions that will bless your life.
  • They That Mourn [posted]: A reflection on the mourning process and comforting those who struggle.
  • 5 Things My Son Taught Me About Giving [posted]: Ideas on how to make the most of the holiday season through serving others.
  • In The Quiet of Night [posted]:  A short story about enduring the darkness and learning to see in the dark.

New December Essays Will Show Up Here

What are some of your family traditions?

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