Dear Potential Donor,

Thank you for your interest in supporting the Mitchell's Journey Foundation.  While we are grateful for donations of any kind, here are some programs we are specifically looking to support.  We are happy to share photos and videos that demonstrate the impact your donation made through our philanthropy portal.

Mitchell's Journey continues to be recognized as a beacon of hope, insight and courage for people and families all across the world.  We hope you'll join us in our effort to raise the tide of hope for this generation and those that follow.

With gratitude,


Christopher M. Jones

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Donor Directed Projects

General Programs

$2,500 – Assists in a December event for DMD Families

$5,000 – Supports 2017 Christmas Program

$10,000 - Helps us purchase and license media for various inspirational videos we produce.

$15,000 – Helps us develop, print and publish hope kits for people who struggle.  These kits are given to people/families in duress.  The kit includes:

  • A book of Mitchell's Journey essays that inspire hope and courage.

  • A guided journal that helps people find gratitude and connect the dots between good fortune/blessings.  This journal is patterned after the Mitchell's Journey Tender Mercies project.

  • Custom items recommended by a close friend or family member that might bring added comfort

Family Programs

$5,000 – Helps us build a wheelchair ramp for a family. (We currently have 4 qualified candidates)

$8,000 – Empowers us to make a needed bathroom modification for a DMD family in need.  (Lindquist Family)

$15,000 – Helps us support a DMD family in need of home modifications to support their 3 children with DMD.  (Christiansen Family)

As a donor, you can direct your contribution to a specific program, family or project - or, you can allow us to direct your contribution to areas of greatest need.  In addition to the above listed needs, we have other projects, families and programs we're supporting - of which your donation could also support.

Donors who fund significant initiatives can visit our donor portal to get regular updates on milestones and impact.

The Scope of Mitchell's Journey Programs

The majority of our efforts are found online through various stories, free tools, and inspiring media.


Samples of Our Projects

Mitchell's Journey Foundation has no employees and is supported entirely by volunteers.