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Practical Exercises [Coming Soon]

As you become more familiar with taking everyday photos, you can start to work on the quality of your photos by learning and applying the following principles.  These are simple tips designed to help you become aware of other principles that apply to photography.  

  • Start Where You Are
  • Observe
  • Shoot What It Feels Like
  • Idea Starters
  • Shooting for Instagram
  • Shoot a Photo Essay
  • 5 Object, 5 Stories
  • Shape
  • Story Structure
  • Stories Within Stories
  • Moments
  • Linger Longer

Photos & The Stories Behind Them [Coming Soon]

  • The Great Fire
  • The Story of Mitch & Photos
  • Coloring
  • Serendipity
  • Little Signatures
  • Mother & Son
  • Playground
  • Stumble
  • Christmas Memories
  • On Life & Dying
  • The Shadow of Death Looming
  • Wishing It Weren't SO

Any Camera Will Do


If life is imperfect, our photos can be, too.  I'm not suggesting that we shy away from getting better.  There is something to be said of technical excellence when it comes to taking photos.  But, don't let your desire to take the "perfect photo" keep you from taking photos.    

Imperfections are what make us human.  They are what make us unique.  In fact, people are drawn to imperfections as evidence of authenticity.  We buy jeans that are worn and torn, we buy furniture that is weathered and rustic, and people are often drawn to raw, authentic portrayals of life - because these imperfections suggest they are actual... real... true to life.  

In so many ways, our everyday photos should be no different.

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Today, focus on taking photos of life's imperfections.  If you have children, take photos of their rooms.  Pay close attention to the little collections they make, the treasures they stash away and the messes they leave behind.  Each of those tell stories - and if you look closely, they will tell stories within stories.  Take a lot of photos; close up, medium and far away.  If you have a significant other, take photos of them just living life.  Don't try to capture perfection - capture the imperfections... the moments in between moments.