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Practical Exercises [Coming Soon]

As you become more familiar with taking everyday photos, you can start to work on the quality of your photos by learning and applying the following principles.  These are simple tips designed to help you become aware of other principles that apply to photography.  

  • Start Where You Are
  • Observe
  • Shoot What It Feels Like
  • Idea Starters
  • Shooting for Instagram
  • Shoot a Photo Essay
  • 5 Object, 5 Stories
  • Shape
  • Story Structure
  • Stories Within Stories
  • Moments
  • Linger Longer

Photos & The Stories Behind Them [Coming Soon]

  • The Great Fire
  • The Story of Mitch & Photos
  • Coloring
  • Serendipity
  • Little Signatures
  • Mother & Son
  • Playground
  • Stumble
  • Christmas Memories
  • On Life & Dying
  • The Shadow of Death Looming
  • Wishing It Weren't SO


Discover the power of everyday moments and how to capture them.

Welcome to Everyday Photos by Mitchell's Journey.  I hope this short tutorial and guide that will help you capture your own precious memories. 

In answer to that common question, I have developed a 1-day workshop for those who are interested in taking better everday photos, the kinds of photos you find here on Mitchell’s Journey and beyond.  My hope is that it becomes a source of inspiration and guideposts for those who want to capture their own lives and preserve memories for years to come.

When I think back on my experience with little Mitch, I am forever grateful for the everyday photos we took of life as it happened.  Too often we can slip into the “hey stop and smile” mode of taking photos.  Always posed.  Never natural.  Seldom authentic.  Those photos never really capture life in motion. 

I have a treasure trove of photos that capture life unrehearsed and I’ll continue to share many more of them and the stories behind them.  However, I’ve had many people reach out to me over the past few years asking for tips on taking more photojournalistic photos of their families.