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Practical Exercises [Coming Soon]

As you become more familiar with taking everyday photos, you can start to work on the quality of your photos by learning and applying the following principles.  These are simple tips designed to help you become aware of other principles that apply to photography.  

  • Start Where You Are
  • Observe
  • Shoot What It Feels Like
  • Idea Starters
  • Shooting for Instagram
  • Shoot a Photo Essay
  • 5 Object, 5 Stories
  • Shape
  • Story Structure
  • Stories Within Stories
  • Moments
  • Linger Longer

Photos & The Stories Behind Them [Coming Soon]

  • The Great Fire
  • The Story of Mitch & Photos
  • Coloring
  • Serendipity
  • Little Signatures
  • Mother & Son
  • Playground
  • Stumble
  • Christmas Memories
  • On Life & Dying
  • The Shadow of Death Looming
  • Wishing It Weren't SO

Capture Simplicity


When it comes to everyday photography, it's often the simple things that are the most profound.  As you embark to take everyday photos, don't worry about taking complicated photos. In fact, most of the time, complicated photos aren't that interesting and in fact distracting. Just capture the simple truths of your life. I love how one leans against the fence pole is simple but can tell a beautiful story about that person's personality. The way somebody sits on the couch and reads a book can do just the same.

When you think of the word simple, think singular: a singular expression, motion or object of affection.  Sometimes one thing can say many things.

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Try to capture that one thing.