(This story isn't about Mitch, but is somewhat related to Mitchell's Journey and the power of community)

Less than a week ago I received an email from an old high school friend from Lake Tahoe who also follows Mitchell's Journey. Over the years she has become an even dearer friend of mine. In her message she told me her husband was fishing and caught a camera. When he came home from his fishing trip Jamie (my friend) checked to see if the memory card still worked. It did. 

As fate would have it, the camera had been entombed in the ice cold lake for about 3 years and the family to whom it belonged had photos of Riverton and lived in South Jordan, Utah. As fate would also have it, I live near all of that. 

So, upon hearing this I posted the story of the lost and found camera with a couple of photos to some of my friends and a few local Facebook groups. Another dear friend of mine, 先生 Jesse Meadows (of Riverton Karate), circulated the story within her network, too, and from there the power of social media flexed its mighty muscles. In less than 3 days the owner of the camera was found. 

It was fun to be a small part of a neat chain of events. Two articles have been written (Utah/Nevada) and evidently CBS / National news is interested in telling more of the story. 

What are the odds? 

Clearly, the odds are in this woman’s favor. 

Photo credit: Jamie Clark (my awesome photographer friend from Tahoe)