During the time Mitchell was home under the care of hospice he received a lot of love and encouragement from strangers all across the world. There wasn't a continent or culture that didn't reach out to him in love and compassion. Mitchell was so humbled by that outpouring of love and concern and he read every letter, email and Facebook message that was sent to him. All the while he kept telling me, “I don’t understand, I’m just an ordinary kid.”

The day after Mitchell passed away we received an envelope in the mail with the return address “mystry helper #910”. Inside this envelope was a tattered $1 bill and a torn piece of paper that read: “Chris & Natalie, $ is for Mitch’s medicine. Sorry if it does not help. :(” When my wife and I read that humble note written by tiny, concerned hands we both sat on the floor and wept … and wept. What this young child didn't know … couldn't know … was the impact that gesture of love would have on us. It wasn't the money – it was the heart … and so it is with everything.

Another young child named Samuel sent a package to Mitchell that had a Ziploc bag containing his very favorite Legos. By the look of them, it was clear he took those Legos from his own personal collection. They were choice Legos that would have been the envy of any boy and it was a clear sacrifice on that young child’s behalf. This package was also accompanied by a most thoughtful and touching letter by his parents.

Other wonderful children, feeling after our son wrote letters, drew pictures, and donated their allowance to help him. We were so humbled by the goodness of these little hands and big hearts. Each of these young children was remarkable in their capacity to love a stranger and to be so free with their substance so as to bless someone in need. I wish it were possible to list every person who wrote and loved Mitch … but we have saved everything … and slowly, we’re working on it. Not a letter, package or gesture of love toward our family went unnoticed or unappreciated. And, to every adult who reached out in love and support of our family, we are just as moved and grateful. Thank you. 

Mystery Helper #910, Samuel, and everyone who raised their hands and hearts to help little Mitch in any capacity, you are all simply amazing. I wish it were possible to meet each of you who reached out to my son and family … so I could look you in the eye, with tears in mine, and say thank you for your goodness, thank you for teaching me. 

We hope to pay your goodness forward … and to make every day a day of thanks and a day of giving.