This is my family, minus one. One special little boy who we all love so much and would give anything to have back with us. I know … I know … “Mitch is still with us”. But he is not. Not the way he used to be and not the way I want him to be. And for those who grieve, absence is all that matters. Absence is why we grieve.

I am sure the focus of this blog may lead some followers to believe we are fixated on the past. We are not. But the purpose of this blog is somewhat singular and it has become a place to remember, reflect and to find meaning in our own suffering. I have many more things to post here. I have written some things that are hard … very hard, while other things are funny and hopeful. Still some of them leave my knees weak while others stir something deep within me. 

Many caring followers have reached out both privately and publicly asking how our other children are doing – worried that perhaps our sorrows are drowning out their needs. The grief each of us feels is unique and personal and there are many miles to go before our hearts are put back together again. In the meantime, we are doing this together. 

Family, after all, is a team effort and we leave no one behind. Not one.

With that said, I want to say how pleased I am of all my children. I am proud of who they are and what they’re becoming. I have my wife to thank for that. While I am out slaying dragons and keeping the wolves at bay she works tirelessly for their benefit. I am humbled by her, daily. 

We’re by no means a perfect family – but we give everything our best shot. We make mistakes; some big, some not-so-big. We've done our fair share of losing our way and finding it again. We are human and don’t pretend to be anything more. What we lack in other things we make up for in love. And there is no shortage of love in our home. 

This photo was taken at Sonya’s wedding - whose colors were yellow/gold & purple in honor of Mitchie. It was a sacred, special day for everyone involved and there was no shortage of emotion – of every kind. The wedding photographer (this was her photo) had heard about our son’s story and offered condolences upon meeting us. We were touched by the goodness and compassion in her heart. 

I love this photo because I see my sweet wife and 3 beautiful children who are all kind and good. It reminds me that I am blessed with more than I deserve. I love this photo because it is my family. But it also reminds me that this is what Duchenne Muscular dystrophy does to every single family. There are no exceptions. 

This is my family, minus one.

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