We never knew how much time we had, so we did the best we could and made the most of everything. Mitch couldn't give enough hugs and kisses, and neither could we. 

Whenever he hugged us he would close his eyes as if to drink in the moment softly and deeply. I miss the feeling of his arms around my neck; but I ache to love and comfort him even more.

Over the years his muscles became weaker and the tightness of his hugs ever faint – but the strength of his love and affections grew stronger by the day. 

If love could heal broken bodies, this young boy would be immortal. There was no end to his love. No end to his goodness. 

This little boy, with a broken heart, taught me how to love in ways I never imagined nor ever quite supposed. And while I’m racked with loss and sorrow I now search for answers only God can show.

Losing my son has been the bitterest of cups, it has turned my life upside down, but right-side up.