As I drove home tonight I stopped by the cemetery to see Mitch. My sweet wife has always been mindful of Mitchell’s flowers and each month arranges something thoughtful and sweet for his vases. I believe that is part of her grief path and I think it is beautiful. 

By the time I arrived the sun was already behind the mountain and the sky was getting dark quickly. It was especially warm today and I could almost feel a hint of spring and a promise of warmer days to come. I love each season but there is something hopeful about spring. Soon I’ll be able to sit by my son again and write. I have missed that. 

As I stood by my son’s headstone contemplating my life with Mitch, I couldn't help but notice a balloon on each side of his headstone that said “I love you.” Tears filled my eyes as I thought to myself, “More than you know …” 

My heart, while broken, has grown.