To those who've fought for freedom and peace,
And those left behind to battle wars of grief,
I reverence you.

To military officers who reached out to my son,
To love and encourage him, as though he were the only one,
I thank you.

To the men and women who stand in harm’s way,
So little boys like mine might have lived another day,
I honor you.

To those who have fallen, in love or in war,
And the souls left empty handed and yearn for “just one more”,
I understand you.

On this day of remembrance may we never lose sight,
Those who fought battles and surrendered their life,
I love you. 

May we remember those who gave life their best,
And live in a way that honors them, whatever days we have left,
I promise you.

And though our hearts may be weary and in need of rest,
May we remember our fallen, and life’s greatest test,
Lest we forget.