I took Wyatt to work with me today and had a most wonderful time. He is on the track system and has the next few weeks off and wanted to spend some time with me at the office.

So, he sat patiently while I was in meetings and never once complained. Just after one particular meeting this morning he asked me, "Dad how long was that meeting?" I responded, "Oh, it was about an hour." Wyatt said "Wow, that felt like 4 hours." I smiled, pat him on the head and told him that I loved him. I said, "One day, time won't seem to go so slow ... and you'll wake up and wonder where all the time went. You'll wish for it to slow down, but it will only seem to go by faster." 

I then took Wyatt with me to see one of my clients - someone I've worked with for many years and has become a dear friend to me. We've traveled the world together and done some great projects. 

My client-turned-friend even attended Mitchell's funeral, not because he had to, but because he cared. 

So as I sat at his table ready to talk about some upcoming work for the year, he pushed everything aside, reached into a cupboard and pulled a bucket of treats, placed it on the table and just sat and talked to Wyatt for a while. 

My heart swelled, because this good man cared about people ... and at the end of the day people (and relationships) matter most. My heart was especially touched because my friend's mother is dying of ALS right now. Though not the same as DMD, they share many outward characteristics ... most notably catastrophic muscle wasting; and at the end stage an inability to breathe, swallow or move on ones own. The timing is unknowable, but she might only have about a week left. I know his heart is heavy ... but not so heavy that he can't lift the heart of a little boy and help him feel important and good about himself. 

Wyatt left his office feeling a lot more confident ... and as small as he is, that he still matters to big people. I am so grateful for good people like my friend Jeff. If the world were a cup, it would be overflowing ... correction, it IS overflowing with good people, just like all of you.