On Saturday we attended an MDA Muscle walk. I was so moved to see families of all kinds desperately trying to help the fight against muscular dystrophy. 

On one level, it was difficult to be there because we wanted our son to be with us and we were reminded he wasn’t. On the other hand it was wonderful to be there because we met some families we have long wanted to meet. In fact, we’re going to spotlight one of those families at our Miles for Mitch Virtual Run on April 25th. If you haven’t yet, please consider joining our run virtually or in person:

You can learn about our goals for our virtual run here:

We didn’t need to be there – but we chose to be there because we care very much about these families who hurt and struggle. Our hearts were full of love and compassion for these kind families who face an uncertain and difficult future.

Natalie's sister, Sonya, also came with us to show her support. She was Mitchell's second mother and loved him as if he were her own. 

At the end of the run Wyatt turned to his mom and said, “Going to this really made my day.” I felt a lump in my throat as I thought about how much Wyatt cares about others and only wants to honor his older brother by loving and supporting others.

I remember the morning Mitch passed away when I wrote "Mitchell's Journey is not over: it has only just begun ... in this life and the life after."

Two years later I am here to say that statement is as true today as it was then. 

Mitchell's Journey is just getting started. This journey, while borne of grief and sorrow has morphed into a journey of love, faith and a hope for tomorrow. It's not my journey, I've come to see, its the journey of humanity - which is, indeed, a heavenly family. 

I read your messages and I weep for your sorrows. Often, I fall to my knees in gratitude when I read your words of renewed faith and healing. All of you are so amazing. I read your messages and I wish I could respond personally to all of them, but cannot. However, you are all in my prayers, that your backs may be strengthened and burdens feel light .... and for those who walk in darkness, that you'll see an end to the night.