I get a lot of private inquiries about how our family is doing; these kind people recognize Mitchell's Journey has become a place of reflection on grief and healing, yet gently ask how my other children are doing. 

Just last night Laura-Ashley went to her first Prom. She always asks me to take her photos and I love doing them for her because she is my precious daughter and I love her so.

Portraiture is not my thing for many reasons - perhaps because, any more, everything has already been done before. Despite my tendency to steer away from portraits, I enjoy trying them from time-to-time.

Last night, before my daughter's dinner date, I took their Prom photos. It was fun. 

My daughter has grown quite a bit since Mitchell passed away. She really, really loved him and grieves in ways only a sister knows. We talk about him often in loving, happy ways. 

As a father and parent, I am pained daily by my son's absence, yet I never loose sight of the beautiful gift of family and the wonderfully loving children I still have. 

My cup, while broken, runneth over. And I am grateful.