A friend of mine started a project that I've grown to love for many, many reasons. At the heart of her project is time: both how and where we spend it. 

Ever since I lost little Mitch, I began to think about how and where I spent my time. When I stop to think about it, my most rewarding (and healing) memories have come from putting my time into things that mattered most to me. 

Nothing is so abused or misused as time ... yet, with that same time, nothing can be so powerful and life-altering. Time is life's greatest currency; and we cannot save, borrow or steal it. We can only spend it, waste it or invest it. 

So, when this Mitchell's Journey follower-turned-friend introduced me to her project about putting time into things that matter, I was excited because her effort aligns with everything I know about life and what's most important. For, its the true value of time and what we do with it that's at the very heart of Mitchell's Journey and the subject of my professional pursuits.

Take a look at this project or you can visit

Put your time into one of their time challenges and you'll find you get more out of it than you ever put into it. Her program doesn't cost any money and the only thing they ask you to do are the very things we so often say to ourselves, "Oh, yeah, I'll get to that." The challenges ask us to do things that make life fun, meaningful and worth living.

There is Mitchell's Journey challenge embedded in the app, too. 

At the end of the day isn't everything really about time? I hope to always put my time to things that matter most.