Our first book is almost ready. I haven't settled on a title yet, but the story centers around Mitchell and his puppy and what happens when we give.

I hope to have the first edition at this year's #milesformitchell run on April 23rd. I'm also wrapping up a book [not intended for children] that is a candid, chronological story of #mitchellsjourney- I hope to have it ready by mid-summer. This fall we should have a book of photos and essays ready to print.

This first children's book will be part of a larger series aimed at younger children. At the back of every book will be at least one essay and photo that was the origin of the story. 

Hopefully, there'll be something for kids and adults.

The first edition will be limited because I want to get feedback from early readers about what worked and didn't work. I've never written a children's book before - so I have a lot to learn.

My hope is that when kids and adults read the stories they will try to implement something new and positive in their lives.