In April 2013 we were approached by a dance instructor who was seeking permission to choreograph a dance in in memory of Mitchell. The theme of the concert was Inspirations ... each dance dedicated to a figure or ideal they felt was inspirational. Evidently, her students were aware of Mitchell's story and he was at the top of their list. We were touched by their thoughtfulness and gave them permission to move forward. 

Last night my family watched their first performance and it was beautiful. We were deeply touched that these dancers, each young and with a life ahead of them, would stop and reflect on Mitchell's story and illustrate it with such an expressive art. 

Just before this performance, I found my hands shaking, unsure if I could keep it together. Tears of sorrow, tears of gratitude and love flowed.

I remember looking to Wyatt only to find him weeping because he missed his older brother so much. He was so touched by the dance.

It occurred to me on the drive home how much Mitchell loved to dance. He would spontaneously break out in an awkward little shimmy because his muscles were weak and getting less coordinated. But he would dance anyway - he didn't care - because he was happy and felt safe and loved. Whenever he danced my heart would explode ... he was so cute to watch. We have been able to capture his little dances of happiness on video and will share them some day. 

So to watch these students of dance tell his story and journey home was humbling. And then, later, to reflect on Mitchell's love of life that he often expressed through his own little dance ... I was humbled and reflective. This choreography ... this art of music and movement ... took on a much different meaning.

To the Dance Company, Creative Arts Academy and the students of Jefferson Jr. High School, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts; not only for the beautiful tribute to our fallen son, but for the reminder that life is still good and we should dance when we're happy ... even if we can only shimmy.