Last weekend, during the Miles for Mitchell 5K, I began to think about the kaleidoscope of winning. Real winning has so many unique forms, shapes, and colors and it is all beautiful. 

Here are two photos that show 3 ways to win. Wyatt running in honor of his fallen brother … not a day goes by that Wyatt doesn't weep over the loss of Mitch; he would have done anything to save him. Luke, ever the faithful companion to Mitch, encourages Wyatt to press forward when his legs were tired. Lastly, a volunteer scout sitting in the shade of Mitchell’s balloons weeping over the loss of a friend. 

Three forms of humanity. Three forms of winning.

To win is to try. 
To win is to help others along the way. 
To win is to have compassion and love deeply.

These young boys were living life unrehearsed, and living it beautifully. Each of them won.