This morning we helped a local DMD family get a new wheelchair ramp installed at their home. They are the sweetest family you'll ever meet and we have grown to love them. This afternoon, when Tyler comes home from school, he will ride this new ramp for the first time.

... the best way to change a negative circumstance is to lose yourself in the service of others.
— Christopher M. Jones | Mitchell's Journey

We will share a video in the next few days that highlights this family and project.

The real heroes of this construction project are AGC of Utah and Jacobsen Construction. They did this. Their commitment to give back to the community inspires me to serve more, to lift heavy hands and to find new ways to help others.

On days like today, when we try to serve other families who will inevitably lose their boys, I tend to get a little weepy. Sometimes a lot weepy. My heart aches for their own burdens and I wish I could take it away from them. My grief has transformed into deep compassion for others - and though I still ache to be with my son, I am learning to channel that energy to help others. Therein lies that sweet heavenly paradox: when we try to lift others, we are also lifted.

As my wife and I left their home we both mentioned how much our hearts were overflowing with love and gratitude. Love and gratitude for this good family and for these good people who were willing to chip in and serve their community.

It is my experience that the best way to change a negative circumstance is to lose yourself in the service of others. I swear on my life this principle is true. It works. It helps. It heals.

• If you're hurting, go serve someone.
• If you're a little lost, help someone else find their way.
• If you're sad, help someone be happy. 
 • If don’t have the strength to stand, try kneeling and asking for help.

The way out of hard stuff is to help others through theirs. It may never take our pain away, but it will strengthen our backs so we can face another day. I hope everyone who read these words will find someone to serve today.

The man on the left of this photo (see below) is Jacobsen Construction's teacher in their apprentice program.  I have watched this man for two years carefully teach and guide his apprentices.  He is a master teacher with a love for his craft.  What inspires me most about him is the other lessons he so authentically teaches ... the value of service and giving back to the community.    

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We cannot say enough about good about Rich Thorn, CEO of AGC of Utah and Rich Fullmer, head of apprenticeship and training.  These men, along with their entire company, are committed to make a difference in their industry and serve their community at the same time.  They don't give their core values lip service, they give their values action


AGC of Utah has been a wonderful supporter of Mitchell's Journey Foundation.