New October Content

Over the next few weeks, starting tomorrow, we'll be publishing content for our Seasons Project. Stay tuned for tools, insights, and ideas to make moments matter with those you love. October's content focuses on some family traditions, November will focus on gratitude and December we'll explore tender mercies in more depth.

Here are a few of the highlights for October:

October 15th: The Magic of Storytelling. A set of videos and ideas to inspire you to create memories through music inspired storytelling. This was one of Mitchell's favorite things to do - and it's something you can try with those you love.

October 20th: The second installment of the Letters to My Son series which explores Natalie's journey with grief, faith, and healing.

October 25th: Three Halloween family traditions Mitchell loved. We hope you do, too.

We'll also be sharing more stories of Mitchell and the ripple effect of his journey.