Our annual charity run on Saturday (April 22nd) was a great success. Thank you to all that contributed, volunteered and participated, all around the world. The funds raised at that event will help us help families. In the coming days and weeks, I'll not only tell you what we're doing with the money we raised, I'll show you who it's going to and how exactly it's helping others. We keep our promises - when you run with us, you will change lives.

We will share more about the run totals in the coming days as we still have some virtual runners out there. For those who still want to run virtually, we are leaving registration online open until the end of the month. If you register, we will send T-shirts and run medals to you.

There was a sweet spirit at the event that reminded me of little Mitch. Later that afternoon, long after the event, I found myself more emotional than usual. Yes, I felt a measure of grief, but I also felt even more peace ... more than anything, I felt an overwhelming sense of empathy for the families who carry the burden of DMD.

#mitchellsjourney is not just the story of a little boy who died, it's the ongoing story of hope and faith and learning how to live while we still have time.

Little Mitch taught me that when we give, we live.