The fall Mitchell’s heart was failing we took our kids to a local skate park so they could watch budding athletes perform their craft. Natalie, sensing Mitchell’s longing to be healthy and strong like the other children, said in a sweet tone, “Hey Mitchie, I have an idea.” Mitch was on the verge of being sad, but smiled a little because he knew his mom loved him.

Moments later, our broken boy was giggling with a kind of glee only children know as he started playing his favorite game: “run your brothers over with your wheelchair.” This was a magic moment.

During this time of trouble and worry, Natalie turned a sad time upside down ... a hardship into a measure happiness. I love her for that. I love her for so many things - but tonight, I love her for being a light in the darkness.

This weekend, I’m going to follow my wife’s quiet and loving example. I’m going to create moments that bring a measure of happiness to my family. Sometimes those magic moments just happen spontaneously, but more often they are a function of choice. The most ordinary moments can become magic. And as far as I can tell, even the most ordinary moments aren’t that ordinary after all ... for a moment well-spent pays dividends of joy and gratitude for a lifetime. This image ... this moment remembered, brings my heart hope and healing. Heaven knows I need that now and I’ll need it in the future.