New Member of Our Family.jpg

Nearly two weeks ago, Natalie added a puppy (a teacup pomeranian) to our family. We named this tiny guy Bear. He’s a snuggler, kisser, and sometimes-ruckus-maker. Only 12 weeks old, he still has puppy breath and is quite sweet and tiny. 

Mitch would have loved this dog.

I especially love how Bear follows Natalie everywhere she goes. He wants to be as close to her as he can. When she sleeps, he curls near her neck like they're best friends. I think it’s safe to say he’s a keeper.

I'm starting to grow attached to this dog - but mostly, I love the joy this puppy brings my sweet wife. Her grief journey has been long and difficult - so seeing her find a measure of joy is deeply rewarding.

Mitch loved his mom and he loved cute animals - so this new companionship is exactly what he would have loved. 

I have about 30 new stories I'll start posting soon and many more to come thereafter. This post is just a small window into our family today.