Our family is about to have another Cousins Camp - a kind of family reunion where cousins get together for a few days and bond through a variety of activities. Each mother takes a turn planning and organizing the program for each year. This year it is Natalie's turn. 

As she considered the theme, she thought of little Mitch and his sincere desire to be nice to others and be grateful for life. So she decided to focus this year's theme around Mitchell's saying: "Be nice to each other and be glad you're alive. Nothing else matters." I was so proud of her for working with my designer at work (who is a great man and loves Mitchell's Journey) to come up with this logo for the t-shirts. 

As part of this year's camp, my brother and I will be taking the older cousins on a high adventure camp in the mountains while the younger cousins stay back and focus on more age-appropriate things. Our sincere hope is that each cousin will take special care to be kind to others and be grateful for their blessings. 

More than ever, the world needs more kindness. The world needs more love.