Riverton Assembly

My sweet wife thanking the students of Riverton High School prior to them revealing how much they raised for #mitchellsjourney 
Natalie spoke on behalf of all mothers of DMD. She described how scary it can be and how she wants to help other mothers who see their child's fate and don't know what to do. I then thanked them for for their incredible example and for helping us help others. After our short address the students rose to their feet and clapped with thunderous applause. There was an energy in that room that was humbling and at the same time electrifying. It was clear by their energy something inside them changed. To them it wasn't about the money ... it was about the change.

These students have raised the bar for humanity. This is the rising generation. A generation that cares.

#SilverRush2015 raised $130,019 for Mitchell's