Visiting Nunnelee Pediatric Specialty Clinic

I have been in Wilmington North Carolina this week on business. During a break, I called a hospital/medical clinic to whom I gave a keynote on Mitchell's Journey and what happens to families on the other side of their practice of medicine. The next day I gave another presentation to their local community on ways to make moments matter with their loved ones.

I had grown to love and admire these good people in this community for the good they are doing to serve little children who are sick. I wanted to see how their clinic was doing and asked if I could drop by to say hello. 

They were so kind to give me a tour of their new facility. They had worked hard to raise money to build a beautiful facility - and it was remarkable in every way. What struck me most was how excited they were ... not about a fancy place, but instead the little things they did to ease the worried hearts of little kids.

I admire the practice of medicine, but I admire most compassionate medicine. As we were nearing the end of the tour, I walked by a Neesha's office and I saw a framed picture of little Mitch. My heart swelled with gratitude to see an image of little Mitch as both a little boy remembered and a reminder of the deeper meaning of medicine.

Although life is hard at times, it is still good.