Mitchell's Journey Foundation Helping DMD Family


Natalie and I had dinner with an amazing DMD family last night. They have the most loving and philanthropic hearts and have always been generous contributors to #milesformitchell or any #mitchellsjourney program. This amazing family gives so much to others, when they themselves deserve to receive. Which is why we were so excited to give their family get a check for $7,000 to help with transportation for their son. Soon, in partnership with #agcofutah, we'll be installing a wheelchair ramp at their home as well. Thank you to everybody who supports Mitchell's Journey … when you support us, you are helping other families who carry heavy burdens.

This won't be the last time you hear of this family. We will be working with them to build resources for other families who are looking for insights and ideas on how to better care for their child.

We so enjoyed our evening with them and we're always anxious to learn what goes on in their minds and hearts of families who are fighting this battle each day - for, because we lost Mitch at such a young age, their battles are different than ours and we want to understand and help.


As we left the restaurant we saw the most beautiful evening sky punctuated by a beautiful array of light that reminded me of little Mitch. I miss him. I think about him every single day - but I am committed turn hurt into hope.