This afternoon I spent some time with educators, faculty, and staff in Guatemala who want to serve better one of their students who has DMD.

I was humbled and touched by their sincerity and how much they want to help. An old high school friend, Ginger Carlson, who runs their curriculum program asked that Mitchell's Journey share our son's story and experience through the education system. Specifically, they wanted to know what helped our boy and what educators can do to better serve a student whose muscles are wasting away.

Lately, much of Mitchell's Journey's work has been helping families and educating support groups across the world. 
Some we've posted on our website, other's we haven't. While our cultural nuances and languages may be different, one thing I've come to know is we're one big family. Every human is more similar that they're different.

Mitchell's Journey has been busy behind the scenes building tools to help families cope with life's greatest difficulties - regardless if they have a disease, a life-setback, or dealing with loss.

Soon those tools will be available to the public. We'll also start sharing new stories soon.