Mitchell's health took a significant dive today. 

We opened some of the packages that were sent to him and he smiled softly and perked up a little and then asked if he could lay down. He didn't last long. As we helped him lay down his arms and legs were floppy. He said to Natalie and I in a slow, slurry voice .... "I don't think I can survive." We both sat there stunned ... and quietly wept. Mitch all but passed out. After a few minutes, he started to come to and said "it's okay, Mom." As we sat in the quiet of our sorrow Natalie held Mitchell's hand and kissed it, bathing his hand with her tears and told him how much she loves him and that everything is okay. He softly smiled and nodded and drifted off to sleep.

I found it so interesting that Mitch, in all his own suffering would try to comfort and reassure his mom. 

I wanted Natalie to have some alone time with her baby so I suggested she cuddle with him and comfort him while I left the room.

Our precious boy hangs from a tattered thread that is ready to snap ... and soon he will pass from this world to the next.