Today we received a package from a kind follower of Mitchell’s Journey. Not a single gift or letter from any of you has gone unnoticed or unappreciated. To the contrary, we have taken careful notes and saved every act of kindness from the beginning of this journey. One day, somehow, we hope to personally thank each of you who have reached out in love and support.

I will share more of the thoughtful gifts we've received in the months ahead but because this one came today, I thought to share it now. My wife and I were so touched by this star.

To the family who sent this, we thank you. 

As I looked at this gift, this thoughtful star, tears filled my eyes.

I thought to myself: How can a fallen star shine so bright?

Then a whisper: Because what they give is spiritual light. 

Sometimes it is on our knees and in our deepest sorrows that we find God anew – and strength to face tomorrow.