Yesterday we took our kids to the same place near Park City where we went sledding with Mitch just before he was hospitalized from heart failure. This was his last outdoor activity in mortality and we wanted to do something as a family that honored what Mitchie loved to do. I loved to see my wife smile. Heaven knows how many tears she has shed, so my heart was lifted to see her enjoy time with our other kids. 

While sledding, Natalie commented how the weather conditions were almost identical to the day we went with Mitch. After sledding we went to the same pizza place ( and sat by the same fireplace as we did with Mitch. Wyatt stood diligently by the soda machine and mixed drink combinations like a chemist. Ethan and Laura-Ashley laughed as we talked about funny things. Natalie sat with her back to the fireplace with a warm smile on her face. My heart nearly burst.

When it comes to grief rituals, I have found it interesting how tracing our path with lost ones can bring some measure of comfort. 

It was a hard yet wonderful day. 

We want to thank all of you who reached out publicly, privately and personally to offer love and support during the last few days. This has been an especially tender weekend for our family and your love has been felt as well as heard. We read every single post and wish we could reply to everyone. I’ll do a better job at liking each post - if only to acknowledge we read what you wrote – however much I would like to respond personally to each comment. 

Although we grieved the loss of our son, at the same time, we also recognized the many families we have come to know who have lost children or loved ones … and people who hurt deeply for any number of reasons. We cried not only for our loss, but for many of you, too. We mourned not only for our son, but for everyone that hurts – and we prayed that every weary heart might find rest.

Thank you … all of you, for remembering. Thank you for loving others more freely. Thank you for making this world a better place.