Remember the story I posted 2 weeks ago entitled MEATLOAF? Well, I just stumbled across this photo of my weary son savoring his first bite, then throwing his hand on top of my arm saying, “Dad, I just love meatloaf.” He wasn't eating much those days and this meal is what got him out of bed and offered much-needed nourishment. Nourishment that gave us more time.

That inspired act of goodness, that specific meal, offered by a woman who had no knowledge Mitch was sick and dying, is a tender mercy. An evidence of God’s love. I had no idea at the moment of this photo, the strong impressions she would receive that would lead to this very meal and how much it would mean to little Mitch. All I saw, from my limited and mortal perspective, was coincidence … even a little providence … but I had no knowledge of things as they truly were. I just knew was Mitch was grateful, and that made me happy. 

It would take my wife and I almost 2 years to learn about the other side of this particular blessing. Learning of this experience has humbled me and I can't help but wonder how often I look at the proverbial table of my life and be tempted to think all that is before me ordinary. This experience reminds me how limited my sight is.

My eyes fill with tears of gratitude to know I have a Father (that WE have a Father) who cares enough about our lives to get involved in the little, seemingly ordinary things. I will spend the rest of my life thanking my Father for blessing my son this day, and every day. I am guilty of a lot of things – but I hope I am never guilty of ingratitude. 

Any more, I pray that I might have eyes to see the many blessings so often blind to me. For if I had such eyes to see, I would certainly fall to my knees, humbled by the love He proffers me.

For those who haven’t read it, here is the MEATLOAF post: