As a young boy I always dreamt of flying. I wanted to touch the clouds and fly to the stars, and see everything between. 

The other night, on my way home from work, I drove by Salt Lake and took flight with one of my cameras. If you look carefully, that tiny dot on the edge of the water is an adult man. He watched my drone as it swooped along the waters edge of #saltlake like a bird that just discovered its wings. My heart thrilled to see the world so differently, in all its quiet majesty. 

In this moment of sweeping delight my heart sank a little and wished my son was with me. I said to myself "Wow ... I wish Mitch were here. If only he could see what I see." Then, as once before, I heard a whisper "Mitch would say the same to me."

Somewhere out there, far beyond the water's edge; over that horizon I cannot yet see, my little boy waits for me. 

I wonder, and I wonder often, what he sees.