When Mitch was a tiny boy he would sit on my shoulders and peer over our backyard fence so he could wave to his older sister as she walked to elementary school. He would get so excited that he would bounce up and down on my shoulders and grab my hair is if it were reigns to a horse. Though the act of pulling my hair often hurt, I gladly endured it because I knew my little boy was happy - and that made me happy. 

Curious to see what Mitchie saw, one day I grabbed a picnic bench and placed it against the fence so I could experience a little of my son's perspective. As soon as Laura-Ashley came around the corner with her cute little pigtails and pink jeans, Mitchie bounced and yelled out, "Hi Ashie! I wuv you!" My daughter smiled and kindly waved at her baby brother. My heart burst with love and gratitude. And though our young family struggled to make ends meet, I was the richest man on earth.